Due to an overwhelming response, we're currently sold out of the "original" Doggie Fountain." There was a video of a boxer using a doggie fountain that went viral, which caused wide spread demand. The A.P.I. F1 model Koolinator is also no longer being manufactured or available for sale. However, we are working with a company called: www.quirky.com that will have the doggie fountain available this fall. So keep your eyes open. Feel free to visit the quirky.com site to see what they are up to. Search: Tony Lytle or Pawcet once at the quirky.com site.

Thanks to all that did purchase my "original" Doggie Fountain, and we are sorry for this inconvenience.

Tony Lytle Inventor and Patent Holder of the doggie fountain

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Best New Product of the Year.

If you're looking for a new trick to teach your dog that will also reduce your workload, watch for the Doggie Fountain. The Doggie Fountain transforms a garden hose into a source of fresh water for your pet when he steps on the paw pedal. This brand new product was a star at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas in March 2010, winning top honors for the home products category.

Quality aluminum parts result in a stable, four-pound watering appliance that is prepared to withstand use by the largest of hounds. With an inexpensive Y-splitter, the Doggie Fountain height, of the vertical stream, can be adjusted to suit your pet's size and by also installing a common Y-splitter shutoff valve at the spigot, you can use your garden hose without disturbing the Doggie Fountain connection. It works great when moved about on the lawn, and is well suited for paved or gravel surfaces, especially kennels. There are holes at the top corners that can be used to stake the Doggie Fountain in place, if you like.

Your thirsty dog will learn very quickly how to step on the paw pedal to get a drink. Clearly, any new product that involves a dog trick should be featured in a YouTube video and the Doggie Fountain, operated by a beautiful German shepherd, does not disappoint. (We can't wait until the preschoolers learn to use it, because THOSE videos will CERTAINLY be hilarious!)

Seriously, folks, the warm days of summer are nearly here. Your pooch should not be outside without being able to have a cool, refreshing drink of water.