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the "Original" Doggie Fountain

High quality, manufactured in the USA.

Tony Lytle Inventor & Patent Holder #7,677,200.

Don't get fooled by the Chinese junk that is being sold on and

These are "knock-offs"  I ended my contract with the company that was making these fountains for me 

because of all the defective/faulty units being sold.

They're still defective. Read the comments from the buyers on ebay and amazon!

MY doggie fountains are Made In America by Americans


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The "Original" Doggie Fountain. Made in America The cool solution for keeping your dogs water supply safe, fresh and readily available!

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Three Year Limited Warranty!

Covers original owner with proof of purchase

Does not cover Freeze Damage.

(not a winter product.)

Tony Lytle, inventor of the Doggie Fountain, with Tim Smith from Moonshiners.

Madigan & the Automatic Waterer

Madigan (almost 16 months old) - Using the newly-installed automatic 'waterer'. She learned to use it in a few minutes... This is AWESOME!

Posted by Sheri Willis on Thursday, April 14, 2016