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About Us

My name is Tony Lytle and I am the inventor of the Doggie Fountain.

I have been working on this project since Aug. 2006. I just recently received a patent on my doggie fountain. (March 2010)

I started this project at the request of my then, 24 year old daughter, Ginnie Marie. Her dog was constantly knocking his bowl of water over. Or the water would get hot and/or dirty. She was working almost full time and going to college as well. Her dog could go all day with no water once he knocked the bowl over. That’s when she asked me to come up with something so that her dog would always have cold, fresh water.

I came up with a rough version of the doggie fountain. She trained her dog to use it and that solved her dog hydration problem. She then nudged me into making this product for the retail market. After several prototypes, and a new puppy of my own, I had come up with the perfect product. The “Original” Doggie Fountain. (Also started the patent application at this time ). I soon started selling these fountains on my newly developed web site.