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What does The Original Doggie Fountain do? 

The Original Doggie Fountain provides your dog with constant access to fresh, clean water. Constructed of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, the doggie fountain will not rust and is almost indestructible. The Doggie Fountain features a paddle that is depressed by the dog’s paw in order to activate the water flow. With minimal training, the pet can easily be trained to perform this motion. Once the paddle is depressed, the valve is opened and water will flow in an upward motion into the pet’s mouth. The Original Doggie Fountain uses a typical garden hose as a water source. The unit is quickly attached and the flow of water is adjusted at the hose’s spigot.

No batteries to replace, no electrical cord!

While pets can go without food for extended periods, they need to be hydrated regularly. Just like humans do not like to drink hot, stale, dirty water, pets should not be required to do so, either.

Unfortunately, dogs are typically left alone while their owner is at work, or other lengthy obligations, with only a bowl of water to drink. If they knock this bowl over, or even drink it all, they are left without access to water until their owner returns. In addition, dogs that are kept outdoors can be left without water due to evaporation. They are also at risk of more easily becoming dehydrated due to constant exposure to hotter temperatures and high humidity.

Why did we invent The Original Doggie Fountain?

Doggie Fountain ensures that a dog has access to fresh, cold drinking water at all times. Especially helpful during warm summer months, Doggie Fountain will allow the pet to water itself whenever a drink is needed. While a minimal amount of training is needed, Doggie Fountain is easy for the pet to use and it is also easy to install!

Eliminating any dehydration due to a spilled water dish or constant exposure to warm weather, Doggie Fountain will enable the pet’s owner to leave their dog alone for extended periods of time, even for days, if necessary, without worrying.