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Download a printable Assembly Instruction PDF

  1. Click here to view the parts list
  2. Attach valve assembly to base using (2) short screws and (2) nuts. 
    Install screws through bottom of base. Add nuts to tighten. See Figure #1 Spring Retainers bent up.
  3. Install paddle using (1) long screw and (1) NUT. Bring nut into contact with paddle lever. See Figure #2
  4. Attach (2) springs. Attach springs using spring retainers on base and on the paddle lever. See Figure #2
  5. Install cover using (1) stainless steel washer and (1) brass nut. Round hole in cover goes to front of Doggie Fountain. Tighten, but don't over tighten the brass nut. See Figure #3

Note: If you need help assembling your Doggie Fountain, scroll to the top of the page and watch the assembly video.