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1.) When will the "Original" Doggie Fountain be available?

Answer: We are anticipating a launch date of October 1, 2015

1.A.) When will I be able to Pre-Order the "Original" Doggie Fountain?

Answer: We are anticipating taking pre-orders on or about September 18, 2015

1.1) How do I keep my garden hose that sets in the sun, cool?

Answer: If you are unable to keep your Doggie Fountain in a shaded area, try doing what I have done. (see pictures below)

I have run about 130' of garden hose to my dogs kennel. The first 80' is in the sun in the afternoon and later. The next 50' is buried under the dogs house. Also, I have run the first 80' of garden hose through 2" white PVC pipe. This will help reflect the sun's rays and also allow a breeze to flow through the pipe.

The hose runs along the back side of my garage and then along the far side of the garage. Once to the kennel, I flipped the dog house over, dug a hole about 2 feet round and 1 foot deep. I buried the next 50 foot of hose and covered it with the dirt. I then set the dog house over the hose and dirt. I chose to also use "pavers" to lift the dogs house about 3" off of the ground.

This really works. The hose sets in the cool dirt under the dog house.

If you don't have a dog house, you can still bury the hose as explained above. The 2" white PVC pipe and pavers, are also an option.

It took me less than an hour to cover my hose with the pvc and to bury the 50' of garden hose.

This picture shows the dog house is flipped over and I have started to dig the hole. The hole will be about 2 feet in diameter and about 1 foot deep. I will be putting about 50 foot of garden hose into this hole.

This picture shows that the hole at about 2 feet in diameter and 1 foot deep. The garden hose will fit nicely.

This picture shows the 50 foot hose in the hole. It also shows that I have two doggie fountains to attach to this hose. If it were just one fountain, I would have attached the hose directly to the blue fountain. But since I have two fountains, I will run the hose back through the pvc pipe and then over to the other fountain, which has a "wye" connector attached to it. I will then run a short hose back through another small section of pvc to the 2nd fountain.

This picture shows that I have run the black water line back through the pvc pipe, to the 2nd fountain, attached it to the "wye" connector and then run a short hose, from the other side of the "wye" connector, back through another short piece of pvc pipe to the 1st fountain. If your paying attention, you'll notice that I switched fountains. Also, this red doggie fountain is one of my first prototypes from 2006.

In this picture, you'll notice the 2" white pvc pipe that runs along the side of my garage. There is also another 40 feet of hose and pvc on the back side of my garage as well. You can now see the black hose running into the pvc pipe, inside the kennel. Both fountains are now hooked to the water supply.

This picture shows that we have now covered the water line with dirt. The dirt will keep the water very cool.

This picture shows the water line is covered with dirt as well as covering the exposed hose that was visible in picture #6. We have also put in place the four pavers that the dog house will set on. (the pavers are an option) You can see the dog house on the right side of this picture.

You can now see that the dog house has been places on top of the four pavers. The buried garden hose is underneath the dog house in a cool, shaded place.

You can now see that the hose has been turned on and that my German Shepherd is now drinking from one of the fountains.

You can now see my white German Shepherd drinking from the other fountain.

In this picture, you can see both fountains, the dog house setting on the pavers, the dirt that covers the garden hose and my dog, Boston, getting a drink of cool, clean, fresh water.

2.) Why have we "phased out" the API fountain? (the white one)  

Answer: Our contract with API has officially ended. We have both decided to go in different directions. We are going back to our "Original" Doggie Fountain. We are currently looking for a new partner to help us in design, manufacturing and distribution with this wonderful, innovative product.

2.1) What happened to the Quirky Pawcet?

Answer: Quirky ran into some financial problems and have stopped manufacturing all 150 of their products.


3.) How much will the "original" Doggie Fountain cost?

  Answer: $70.00 plus $12.00 s/h for a total of $82.00

3.1) Why is the "Original" Doggie Fountain more expensive?

Answer: Our "Original" Doggie Fountain is not out-sourced to a foreign country. We make the fountain right here in Larwill, Indiana. We pay our employees a very generous wage. The exterior parts: base, paddle and cover are made of 3003 grade aluminum and plasma cut right here in our shop. We then TIG weld the aluminum parts, and then send them to Pendry Powder Coater's in Warsaw, Indiana. We also assemble the "plumbing" parts here as well. Once an order is received, we package and ship via USPS. We use the $11.30 "If it fits, it ships" box.

3.2) Why do I have to assemble the doggie fountain, how long will it take and what tools do I need?

Answer: Again, to cut costs. #1.) If we assemble the fountain we would have to charge for that. Also, we would no longer be able to use the USPS "if it fits it ships box." The assembled fountain would need to be shipped in a much larger box and would cost more to ship. We are able to ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico for $11.30  #2.) I can assemble the doggie fountain in less that two minutes.(granted, I have assembled hundreds of them.) The average person should be able to assemble the doggie fountain in 5-10 minutes. #3.). The only two tools that you will need are a phillips screw driver and a 3/8" wrench.

3.3) Is there another link where I can watch videos of the "Original" Doggie Fountain in action? Possibly, even some training videos.

Answer: Yes. Go to: and "search" misterkickstand.

4.) Can cats use the doggie fountain?

Answer: I don't see why not.

5.) Why only blue?

Answer: To keep costs down. 

6.) How long will it take to train my pet?

Answer: Depending on your training schedule, 1-3 days is normal. 

7.) How much weight does it take to push the paddle down?

Answer: Using one spring...about 1 pound. Using two springs...about 2 pounds. (2-springs included)

8.) Is the flow height adjustable?

Answer: Yes. You will need to buy a "y" connector or a "ball valve" from Ace Hardware, Lowes, Menards or other hardware store. Attach it directly to the fountain and then attach your garden hose to the valve/y connector. Adjust as necessary. This extra part will cost anywhere from about .99-$7.00

9.) Can I buy a "pet safe" water hose?

Answer: Yes. All hardware stores and Walmart sell this type of garden hose. Safe for children and adults too.

10.) Can children use the doggie fountain?

Answer: Absolutely! Me, my wife, my kids and now my grandchiidren drink and play with the doggie fountain.

11.) Can I use the doggie fountain in the winter?

Answer: NO! Be sure to unplug the doggie fountain as well as your garden hose from the house or well spigot, once it starts getting cold! This will vary, depending on where you live. Damage will occur!

12.) Why would I want my pet to have access to cold, clean, fresh water at all times, instead of a water bowl?

Answer: Water bowls get knocked over. Water in the bowls get hot! The bowls get debris in them to include: dirt,straw, bugs, dog food and bird poop. The water bowl also collects mold, mildew, slime and bacteria!

How much time do you currently spend cleaning your pet(s) water bowl(s)? Unlike water bowls, the doggie fountain never needs cleaned!

Let me ask you this one question: Would you drink from your pet(s) water supply? I would...and I do!

13.) Are there any batteries, electrical cords or filters to change or clean?

Answer: NO!