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During the process of getting this Doggie Fountain made, I have been involved with several different vendors in getting all the different parts made. From the powder-coater, printer, voice over girl, the people who made the 3 minute clip and even a gal at the coffee shop that I met while having a meeting with my website designer. All these contacts and more were completely "knocked out" by this new product. 

Jim, my powder-coater wants one as soon as they are available. My printer, who is responsible for the decals and has St. Bernard's, wants the "1st one off the assembly line". The young lady who did the voice over doesn't have a dog but said, "I'm getting one now" She may have been kidding but she was just "amazed" after seeing the video. The advertising agency that did the video has a nice gentleman there named Dan who told me that one of the girls that works at the agency saw the video and said she wants one ASAP. Dan said, "you don't even know how much it costs" She said,"I don't care. I have (3) large outside dogs and want one now. 

Then there was the coffee shop gal. Her name is Megan. While she was watching the video, she couldn't stop saying, "Wow, that's awesome. That is so cool. It's totally amazing". Afterwords, she said she could have used one of the Doggie Fountains last summer. I asked her why. It was during one of the hottest weeks of the summer, 100 + degrees all week. She had went to work and her sister watered their German Shepherd that morning and afternoon. However, when Megan came home from work, her pet had run out of water and died of dehydration. She, the pet, was only 1 1/2 years old.