Now your beloved pets can enjoy refreshing water any time of the day or night.

To The “Original” Doggie Fountain

has a unique design, which provides endless hours of entertainment and hydration for your pets with paws. The easy-to-use, paw-activated outdoor drinking fountain deliver the right supply of clean, cool water providing anytime hydration and lots of fun on warm weather days. Never worry about fresh accessible water again!




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There are many benefits of

the Original Doggie Fountain:

Unlike its competitors, the “Original” Doggie Fountain does not require the use of electricity, which can be expensive or batteries, which can corrode. The “Original Doggie” Fountain is not simply a reservoir for water, which can run out, spill or evaporate at any time. Other fountains require the use of filters, which are necessary to replace, the “Original Doggie Fountain” is built to last, with no filters or replacement parts necessary, simply unhook the hose and you are ready to store! The “Original Doggie Fountain” is cost-effective, meaning there is no running water, only when your pet needs some refreshment. Other fountains do not supply the enrichment that the “Original” Doggie Fountain does, you’re pets can actually benefit from this fun learned behavior, which stimulates their brains and allows for an interactive experience when you just can’t be there!

24/7 clean,

fresh water


No filters

or replaceable parts


No batteries or electrical cords

Easy installation

with a garden


  Made from non-corrosive durable materials


  Custom built in the USA


  Competitively priced

  Pets can be easily trained to use


  Entertainment/amusing to your pet


  Can be used with multiple animals to help prevent congenial disease

About the “Original” Doggie Fountain:

The “Original” Doggie Fountain’s founder and inventor, Tony Lytle, created a unique and convenient method to solve the issue of availability of fresh drinking water for your four-legged friends.  The idea for the Doggie Fountain was inspired by his daughter, Ginnie Marie, as a solution to provide her own dog with

fresh water while she was at work and school. We all know the ever-present issue of water availability and cleanliness for your pets on hot days. Whether you are at work or simply unable to be there for your fur babies, you needn’t worry about their basic necessities.


Each year thousands of pets suffer needlessly outdoors. While owners may have good intentions of providing their pets with a large water supply, we all know those hot summer days can cause issues that we may not be able to address in a timely manner. AVMA.org warns pet owners of the dangers of dehydration, which can lead to organ failure, confusion and overall declining health in your pets, or ultimately death. The older your dog is, the more at risk they are from the senseless tragedy of dehydration. We would not leave our pets in a hot car, however, prolonged exposure to high temperatures outside

can have the same effect. By providing a cool, clean water supply you can alleviate the needless suffering in your pet.


The “Original” Doggie Fountain allows you to provide your pets with a fresh water supply that cannot evaporate in the heat or become sullied with outdoor debris. Due to the Doggie Fountain’s unique design, you do not have to worry about the cleanliness of your pet or pets water supply. Diseases such as parvovirus and canine influenza can be spread through unhygienic conditions, including stagnant water.


The “Original” Doggie Fountain is a patented product made and assembled right here in Larwill, Indiana, USA. Each unit is made of 3003 grade aluminum, an anti-corrosive alloy, which is both easy to install and durable. Through simple assembly instructions and the connection of a water hose you can provide your pets with refreshment and entertainment around the clock.

The “Original” Doggie Fountain does not require the use of batteries, electricity, or filters, making this low maintenance, economical fountain a perfect choice for your family. Because of its patent design, the “Original” Doggie Fountain does not require additional cleaning, simply unhook the hose when you are ready to store. The “Original” Doggie Fountain also allows you to adjust the flow of water, allowing any size pet to comfortably enjoy.


Most pets can learn to use the fountain within a day. By simply stepping on the paddle (instead of pedal) your pet will be provided with a cool stream of water.  The “Original” Doggie Fountain is also fun for your four legged friend! Due to its unique design your pet will reveal in puzzle solving, stimulation and of course, refreshment.


The “Original” Doggie Fountain is not just for dogs, other pets and even adults and children can enjoy as well


the “Original”



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